i love the balloons during the parade. they're a strange, surreal tradition that's been totally sewn into thanksgiving tradition.  

made an animation to reflect the entire day from morning to evening while playing with transitions and mood.  
I saw Star Wars at Cinema Village and got a large coke.
Had a Cuba Libre and drew a little afterwards.
turning off layers and finding different, hidden compositions is a thrill.  these new images imply something different to their missing context.  i'm into it!
12 random things drawn during my morning commute.

the "what butt?"
exercised the gloom away

happy new year x x

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Lauren in her studio
sometimes you zen out and draw repose.

Designed a pin for National Design Day!
he's just thinking it over

he's thinking it over, too.

my piece You're Ready for the Comic and Cartoon Annual at the Society of Illustrators.

imagined some weirdies for Audiblerange.com!  so much fun.  Thank you Deanna Paquette for the AD. x x

in the quiet of the night, clouds threaten to burst.  when is a good time to buy property?

thought this was about real estate bubbles, but something else is at work, i'm sure.

blush response

trying to catch the moon moving

blind contour drawings and overcoming mismatched limbs.

Went to Puerto Rico with some friends.  Swam around in the blues and greens.

translating characters 

mic check

make time for yourself and ditch that anxiety!

w/e you're ready #buttstuff

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love drawing on chalkboard.  I like the ghosting. 

trying to stabilize ideas that go everywhere.

bowie <3

card for my friend i made with another friend.

girl dancing to chill ass music to get her weekend started right.

I wanna always keep moving and I love y'all. 🐠⚡️🍉🐒 Honey by ZZZ

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storefront planning! ooooo!  oooOOOOOoooo!

brochure bouquet Lauren and I made for Melanie and MoMA NIGHTS.

cut from beautiful MoMA brochures. 

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always love yourself.
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new project / meryl streep